12″ Slipmats x 2


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High quality performance slipmats with the almighty Octotrax logo. 2 x 12″ Slipmats produced¬†by Slim-Matz.

And now a word from the manufacturer…

So here they are… Slim Matz… possibly the thinnest slipmat available on the market today. These mats are incredibly thin at only 1.1mm and weigh only 25g each.

Why would you want a mat so thin I hear you ask? Thin mats are usually preferred by Turntablists as the thinness improves speed as they have less resistance, perfect for complex scratch routines. Unfortunately thin mats were not favoured by mix dj’s as sometimes the speed of the mat was too much for that clinical mix. Worry no more as the specially compressed fibres of this mat also offers accuracy for you budding mix artists out there.

These slipmats are the perfect compromise of speed for scratching, cueing and precision for accurate mixing. Just what the DJ ordered!


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